Logging In

Your client area is located at http://linklab.domains/dashboard/ and includes access to your account profile, domain management, as well as full cPanel access. It’s the easiest way to manage all aspects of your site.


Account logins are created during the order process using the email address associated with your account and a password set by you during signup. Please note: the username and password you create is not connected to your UTA NetID. Changes to your NetID or password will not result in changes to your DoOO account. If you’re unsure what your password might be, you can reset your password at  using the email address associated http://linklab.domains/dashboard/ with the account. You’ll need to confirm via email that you’re the owner of the account and then you’ll be able to create a new password.


Note: cPanel currently has its own account credentials that are used for FTP access and direct cPanel logins. When you access cPanel through the client area your credentials are automatically passed into cPanel for you, however your cPanel credentials are useful for FTP, shell access, and direct cPanel logins. If you’re ever having trouble getting logged into cPanel you can confirm or change that account login by clicking Active Accounts, and then clicking the Change Password tab to view and change the cPanel account credentials.

As always, if you run into any problems along the way we’re here to help. Submit a support ticket and we’ll take care of it for you.