Adding Themes and Installing Plugins

A powerful benefit of building your WordPress site on Domain of One’s Own is the freedom you have to install and customize any theme and adding them couldn’t be easier. From your WordPress dashboard click Appearance > Themes to view the themes you currently have installed. You can have several different themes installed at the same time and switch between them. Clicking Add New will allow you to search and browse the thousands of themes available in the WordPress directory. When you find one that you like go ahead and click Install to add it to your list. You can choose to activate that theme now, or you can go back and browse for some more themes.

Perhaps you purchased a theme from someone and you want to add it to your site. To upload a theme you’ll still click Add New but then you’ll click Upload Theme. Select your zip file that you downloaded to your computer previously and it will begin uploading. Once it’s done you can activate the theme and get started customizing it.

Installing Plugins

When you build your WordPress site on Domain of One’s Own you’re not limited to the stock set of tools that come with the software, there’s an entire ecosystem of plugins for you to take advantage of. What are plugins? Imagine you just bought a car and you really love it, but you didn’t get the leather interior upgrade and you kinda wish you’d got a sunroof. Plugins for WordPress allow you to add functionality to your site that doesn’t normally come in a standard install. Wanna have all the new posts get sent to Facebook or Twitter? There’s a plugin for that. Wanna build a contact form? Well, there’s a plugin for that.

Adding plugins is a snap. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Plugins page. This lists all of the plugins you currently have installed as well as which ones are turned on. Clicking Add New will connect you with the WordPress Plugin Directory where you can search and browse from over 35,000 plugins to install and customize. Find the one you like and it’s as simple as clicking Install and Activate and you’re ready to start setting it up. Installing plugins from your computer is also easy, just go to Add New and click Upload Plugin to upload the plugin from your computer and install it.