Omeka Installation

Installing Omeka

After logging into your cPanel, the Omeka web application will generally be located under the ‘Featured Applications’ section. If not, search for it and click Install this Application.

You’ll be asked a few pieces of information to install Omeka. Choose the Location for the install which can either be the main domain or any subdomain in your account. If you choose to install into a directory under your domain be aware your site will have a URL with that directory as a suffix of the URL (ie.

By default our automated installer will add the latest copy of Omeka to your site and keep it up-to-date automatically. We recommend you leave these settings at the default.

Finally, choose a username and password for the site (you can change any information automatically placed here) as well as what features you’d like enabled on your site. If you have advanced needs you can modify options under the Advanced section, but otherwise click Install at the bottom to start the installation.

The automated installer will start it’s magic and get your site created for you.

When it’s complete you’ll be presented with links to access both the homepage as well as the Administration area for Omeka (the Dashboard). Our installer will automatically sign you into your Omeka site when you access it via the admin link provided on this screen.

Learn more about working with Omeka here.