Reclaim your Email Namespace

One of the simpler, albeit powerful, tools available through CPanel is Email Forwarding. This enables you to create an email address using you domain, such as and, etc. You can create just about any email address you want off of your domain. What’s more, you can forward any and all mail to that address to your Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.

Forwarding Your Email

Under the email section click on the Forwarders icon.

Forwarders Icon

Once there, click on the “Add Forwarder” button.

Add Forwarder

Now you can choose your email prefix, such as mail, support, help, etc. and then add the email address you want this email to be forwarded to. The click “Add Forwarder.”

Forwarder Details

After you added the Forwarder, you should double check your addresses, and you should be all set.

Double Check