Verification by Email

Verification Link Email

When you first sign up for your Domains of One’s Own account, you will see the following warning before entering your contact details:

Please note: EDU email addresses often flag emails from our domain registrar as spam. For best results, use a personal email address such as a Gmail account.

This is a default message from Reclaim Hosting. We still highly recommend that you use your UTA email account, even though you will need to set your email to not send your DoOO emails to the spam folder.

One of the emails that will be sent to you contains a verification link to verify your email address. It will look something like this:

verification email

Until this is done you will see a yellow warning banner at the top of your Client Area homepage:

Pending verification screenshot

Greetings! We haven't received a response to the verification email sent to (your email). New regulations
dicated by ICANN, the organizational body for all domain registrations, require the primary contact's
email address be verified within 14 days of registration. If the email address is not verified before
(your relative date) the domain name with be deactivated.
I can’t find the verification link email in my inbox.

As mentioned above, new Domains of One’s Own users have 15 days to verify their email address or their account will be suspended. If you can’t find the email, click the Resend Email to receive another copy. (Make sure to check your spam folders!)

If you still aren’t receiving the email, contact support with a personal email address that we can use to update your contact details and resend the verification link email.

My account was suspended.

If you’ve waited for your account to be suspended before taking care of this, no worries. Your website content hasn’t disappeared, you just wont be able to access it until you verify your email address.

I just verified my email address, but I’m still not seeing my website content.

This is to be expected. Because your domain was suspended, it could take up to a few hours to get everything working again.

As always, if you feel like something else may be going on, open a support ticket & let us know!