Installing WordPress in cPanel

WordPress is by far the most popular software to drive new websites on and for good reason, it powers over 25% of all websites on the internet and remains a solid platform for building out a space on the web. provides you with an automated installer for WordPress, making it dead simple to get a site up and running. Here’s how to get started:

To begin, log in to the client area here with your NetId and the Password. You’ll find a variety of tools at your disposal in the cPanel interface. For now we’ll be using the automated WordPress installer so click on the WordPress icon under Applications section.

You will be taken to Installatron page where you need to click on ‘Install this Application’.

Once you click on ‘Install this Application’, you will be taken to install wizard as shown in the below picture where you will need to verify whether your domain name is valid.

When you scroll down you will come accross Settings where you must set a username and password to login to your wordpress account in future, you will also need to verify whether it is your email ID. Once you have entered your own username and password you need to click on Install button present at the Bottom of the page.

The automated installer will start it’s magic and get your site created for you. When it’s complete you’ll be presented with links to access both the homepage as well as the Administration area for WordPress (the Dashboard). Our installer will automatically sign you into your WordPress site when you access it via the admin link provided on this screen. customers can also use two of the UTA WordPress Themes. UTA_WP_Theme_1 and UTA_WP_Theme_2 can be viewed as below :

The procedure to upload the themes is as follows

Go to Appearance in the dashboard of the WordPress admin page and then on the top you will find Add New, you need to click that.

Next to the Add Themes heading you will find Upload Themes button, you need to click on that and upload a zip file that has the contents of the theme.