Alternative Backup Options in Installatron

Installatron has quite a few options for automating the process of backing up your site. Keeping regular backups is a safeguard against any number of issues that might come up from automatic updates that happen to be incompatible and break a site to malware or even changes made on accident. When you install an application on Domain of One’s Own using Installatron it is automatically set to backup anytime there’s an update to the software. However you can also set a few interesting additional options either in the Advanced Options area during the install or by clicking this wrench icon on any of your existing installs:

Accessing Install Details

One of the cool features about Installatron is that you don’t even have to backup an install to your own account. At Domain of One’s Own we store backups from Installatron on a separate server that doesn’t count against storage quotas, but there are options here to store it in a variety of other locations as well, for instance in your Dropbox account:

Backup Storage Locations

You can also setup automated backups that happen at regular intervals, for example a daily and weekly backup of the account or some other set schedule so you have options to restore from:

Automated Backup Intervals

To accomplish this, chose Dropbox as your backup location and click Save at the bottom of the screen. Upon saving a window will prompt you to authenticate to Dropbox so Installatron has access to your account.

Dropbox Access

After authorizing Dropbox to your account, new backups will be stored as compressed files in your Dropbox account under a folder called Apps/Installatron.

Backing Up

Backup File

This compressed file stores not only all of the files for that installation but also a complete copy of the database so you can take it with you to another hosting provider as well as restore a copy right from Installatron in the future if the need arises.