Addon Domains

If you come across a situation where in you need to have a new domain that is independent of the existing domain then your account has an option to do that, this can be accomplished by creating an addon domain but before doing so you need to know more about what exactly is an addon domain.

What is an Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a term that cPanel uses for adding another domain to your hosting account. An Addon Domain basically tells the server “I own this domain and now I want to host it on this server and do something with it”. While a subdomain is a branch off of your current domain (i.e., an addon domain is a separate, fully functional domain added onto the hosting account you already have (i.e. When incoming traffic visits your addon domain, there should be no evidence that it is an addon domain. The addon domain will act as an independent domain, with no references to the primary domain.

Obtaining an Addon Domain

You can buy a new domain name directly from us through your client portal by going to Domains > Register a New Domain or you can transfer a domain you have from another registrar to your account. For this post, we’ll go over how to set up a new domain (purchased from us).

Setting up your new domain

For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s say you just purchased as a second domain, and now you’d like to add it to your cPanel as a addon domain. After purchase, head to your cPanel, scroll down and click addon domains.

Next, type in your newly purchased domain in the new domain name field. (The subdomain and Document Root fields will populate automatically.) In our case, I am going to remove the “.com” from my “Document Root” folder, but that is only for my convenience when using FTP, you do not need to do this.

Note: You also have the option of creating a new FTP account that has access to the content on your domain. You also do not need to do this, but you may want to if you’d like to give someone else FTP access to your site. Your existing FTP credentials will allow you to get access to all of your Reclaim sites.

Once you’re done setting up your domain options, click Add Domain and wait a few seconds for your changes to process. That’s pretty much it!

Installing applications on your addon domain

Once your domain is set up, you can select and install applications like WordPress or Omeka like normal. Find out how to get started with WordPress here, or learn to work with Omeka here.